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So it's 2015 - Time for the next chapter in the H-112 Story

I was contacted by Mike from the 'TimeLine Archive' computer museum and decided to donate my H-112 to the museum and so now it's new home is Wigton in the North of England you can see more by going to t-lcarchive.org and they have put a couple of my video's up on 'You-Tube' just enter 'Honeywell H-112' and you should find them.

All this triggered my interest in the 112 again and I ended up writing a Honeywell H-112 emulator. The emulator shows at the top of the screen an emulation of a TTY33 teletype device or it can also emulate a 'Digital Group Diplay' with 20 lines of 64 characters and below this the H-112 control panel and at the bottom right the paper tape reader which loads tape images (several are included in the emulator package) into the H-112. Included in the package is my TBX (Tiny Basic Extended) interpreter which allows high level language programs to run on the 112 and for the interpreter I included a 'mastermind' program I wrote in 1974 and a program which solves the '8 Queens' puzzle. One of the things I have noticed with emulators is that they often are difficult to use if you don't know the machine really well so I have included lots of instructions on how to use it, so that even without knowing the H-112 you will with the 'Getting Started' documentation be able to get it running and doing interesting things.. I hope you enjoy using it and getting a flashback to the computer world of the 1960/70's..

Just right click on the H-112 pic to download my H-112 Emulator
The current version is   v1.8  for Windows XP/7/8/10.

And the future ? Well writing the H-112 Emulator I decided to expand it into a Honeywell DDP-516/H-316 emulator and this is now working and should be appearing here on the web-site very soon.

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