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We stayed on the Lapad peninsula just a short distance from Dubrovnik in the far south of Croatia and had a wonderfull view of the bay from our balcony both by day and night.

Bay by day

Bay by night

On the high seas

Dubrovnik, the travel brochures call it 'The pearl of the Adriatic', which is of course just advertising hype... or is it... Yes the sea really is that blue, Dubrovnik really is that beautiful and the fountain really was built in the 1400's...


Town wall

Old town

Old harbour

High street


Folklore alive and well in Cilipi




A must visit is Mostar, there is still a lot of tension in Bosnia but you get to see the 'New old bridge (the original was destroyed in the war, rebuilt and opened just 8 weeks before our visit'), including the youth of the town proving their manhood by diving off the bridge... you probably recognise me from the photo preparing for my dive... visit the muslim side of the river to see the mosques, the turkish house and the old town... All well worth a visit.

The bridge

A tourist

The dive

Turkish house

The mosque

Old town

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