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Croatia - Europe's Last Secret

Europe's last secret, well maybe not the last and maybe not really a secret.... But it seems to be somewhere most people have not visited, probably because of the civil war which ended in 1995 and the feeling that it might still be a little unsafe......

Dubrovnik - Pearl of the Adriatic

If you like all night parties, lots of loud music and drinking.... Falling into bed at 6 AM and getting up at 3 PM with a hangover and recovering in two hours to do it all over again....then your going to hate Dubrovnik, which is best described as peaceful, beautiful, no that's not true, very beautiful, friendly and safe....

We have just returned from a wonderful one week trip to Dubrovnik and can thoroughly recommend it to anyone who likes a relaxing holiday destination with some wonderful scenery and what I think is perhaps the most beautiful town I have ever seen and that coming from someone who hates towns and cities and prefers the countryside is a real compliment. Of course the war was terrible and left it's mark on all of the countries involved but 9 years on Croatia has well defined borders and is extremely peaceful with no signs of tension and is obviously enjoying it's independence.                                          

We hope you enjoy our pictures

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