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We're English, live in Germany but when it comes to life-style we think the Australians have got it right, they know that an active outdoor life is the best for you. So Julie and I spend as much of our summer as possible outside on the patio with a book in one hand and a cup of tea in the other, knowing that it is doing us the power of good. When winter descends and we have to abandon this life-style, I look for an equally energetic indoor activity and would probably find it if Julie didn't start by saying something like 'I've been thinking'. It means she's focusing on our 'Winter project' (groan). This year it was replacing the carpet in the living room which even I had to admit might be 'slightly' beyond it sell by date (which Julie translates as, well beyond). OK, it lasted 20 years that's pretty good (though I was hoping for 30!).

Initially we considered a laminate floor and were almost to the point of buying it when we saw some hardwood parquet flooring. Now a trial pack looked great but obviously laying parquet was going to be a lot more work (another loud groan) than that laminate but we were both hooked.

I love our large living room but now, that 50 square metres (about  520 square feet in old money) was looking more like 500. Two months later we think it was worth it, though roll on the summer and some more of that outdoor living……

I did the laying of the parquet with Julie being 'gopher' (goes fer things) and then Julie did the varnishing with me being 'gopher'…..

One carpet - Almost new

Goodbye - Goodbye

Hard Labour

Nearly There


Winter 2006 ? - No, not yet!

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