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Five FET Regenerative Receiver

Way back in time when I was a 15 year old teenager I built my first short wave receiver. It was a one valve Telstar using a 954 acorn valve. I was always impressed by it's performance. So I decided to go Retro and build an FET version. Actually I've cheated a bit and used the FiveFet kit and then modified it a bit

Above is the finished article and I'm really impressed with it's performance. Even with only about 6 feet of wire in the room it pulls in many amateur SSB and CW stations on 40M.
It's powered by a 9V internal battery and to the right of the main tuning dial is the band switch, which selects 80/60/40/30 or 20 Metres. To the left of the main tuning is the fine tune and in the bottom row from left to right is the regeneration fine adjustment, then the regen course setting and on the right the RF attenuator to reduce really strong signals.
On the right hand side of the case is the antenna socket.

Like all Regen receivers it needs carefull adjustment for good results but is stable enough to copy SSB right up to 20 metres without any problem. I really enjoyed building this project.


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