This web site is to remember Post Office and BT services and people who provided these services from the 1950's to the 1980's


In Memory of Jeff Clarke

    During the early 60s Jeff and I were both YITs (Youths in Training) at the Post Office Overseas Telegraphs training school on the fifth floor at Electra house. We both became T2As (Technician 2As) and later TOs (Technical Officers) and after working in the control room went on to work on the start of the MRC at Cardinal House. Each shift had two TOs and we were both on purple shift and became firm friends.

I will always remember Jeff as a good friend,someone with an enthusiasm for life who put 100% of his energy into everything he did. This included his work with Overseas Telegraphs and his many hobbies such as amateur radio, sailing and motor cycling. Like many of us Jeff had very fond memories of working for Overseas Telegraphs and for Electra House in particular and as a result he created these web pages which he had been hosting for a number of years. Now that he is sadly no longer with us I am continuing to maintain them on the Internet in his memory. He is much missed by all who knew him and the world is a poorer place without him.

Ian (Spencer)


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