This web site is to remember Post Office and BT services and people who provided these services from the 1950's to the 1980's



When expansion of the ILTMS (International Leased Telegraph Message Service) later named "Primex" was necessary, the building that formerly held Brent Radio Telephony Terminal was upgraded and pressed into service, this ran from 1976 until around 1982. Gladstone B exchange shared the building. This North London site was near to Brent Cross Shopping Centre. Nothing now exists of the building and the site is now an overflow car park for the Shopping Centre.

The forerunner of the message switcher was the Hasler M100 unit that was in use at St. Botolphs. This was followed by the next generation M150s which offered multiple and various speed TGPs and Telex access. They used the message switching format :"zczc destination code, originator code, date/time, preamble and ending with nnnn.

The first set of pictures below were provided by Phil Ryan.The array of World Time clocks on the FRC were Steve Enderson's idea, unfortunately they were unsynchronised so they always a few minutes off their correct time, but it was a good idea.

The following set of pictures was provided by Peter Leach and were taken around 1979. Peter says: The first picture is Colin Windley and Eddie Barlow who along with me made up the A watch at ILTMS Brent. The picture shows the FRC area. The second picture show the Hasler M150 equipment with the TMBO’s on the LHS one with me and Colin in it the other without. The forth show the FRC alarms. (It seemed high tech in those days).

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