This web site is to remember Post Office and BT services and people who provided these services from the 1950's to the 1980's



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Light Straw was the colour of the racks used in PO & BT equipment practice, lots of stuff on this site including Mondial House For the telegraph specific sections:

Telecomms Heritage Group. Some excellent information and photographs about Electra House including the OTRU, MSU and in particular the Picture Room on the 5th Floor.

Museum of Submarine Telegraphy, Porthcurno Cornwall. Britain's empire spanning Victorian cable network had a social, political and commercial significance equal to that of the railways (and today's internet) yet nothing remains except miles of rotting cables at the bottom of the worlds oceans.

EH Retired Colleagues Association. Contact using email address Their web site is:

 Le Bureau Central Radiotélégraphique. This is a site for International Telegraphs in France and of course in the French language. Even if you don’t speak French there are lots of interesting photo’s on the site.


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