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An amusing story with thanks to Clive Clifton OTO1 :-


I have just discovered your excellent Electra House web site and have thoroughly enjoyed browsing through the old photos, and being reminded of one or two names from the past.

You asked for readers to send in stories of their time at E.H. and although I have various happy memories of fifteen years spent working there almost up to the date it closed I do have one story which may be worth telling.

One day in the early 70s I was working in the phone room, when a call came in from Pinewood Studios, saying that a young lady would like to send a telegram to the States."Ok" says I, "put her through", and then when she spoke, went on with " I already have your phone number but can I take your name please?"

Now I must admit that I am no film buff, but by that time I had just started to hear the name Goldie Hawn mentioned from time to time on the radio and television, but had never seen it in print. So when the young lady in question introduced herself as being none other than Goldie Hawn I was suitably impressed and not wanting to blot my copybook, I went straight back with "Oh hello, lovely to speak to you, but can you just confirm, is that HORN with or without an E at the end ?", to which came the instant reply "Naw, ya turkey, H-A-W-N !! "

So thats it - my greatest claim to fame is having Goldie Hawn call me a turkey !

Anyway, best wishes for the continued success of your site, and to all your readers, especially any who may remember my name.

Clive Clifton, OTO1.
Electra House approx 1968 - 1982 plus a year at International Telex and a brief spell at the MRC.

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