This web site is to remember Post Office and BT services and people who provided these services from the 1950's to the 1980's



The focal point for MRC and also TRC engineers was the Test Desk. All faults were reported here from the Traffic Control Desk and it was a natural gathering point at all times. When the MRC opened the desk was equipped with a reed relay matrix Digital Line Selector so that any line to the unit could be brought up for test by keying in a three digit code. This worked reasonably well but the box got a well judged thump on occasions when it was suspected that one of the reed switches was stuck.

On the right of the desk were the power alarms and regular Sunday diesel generator run ups were the responsibility of the MRC engineers.

The photographs on this page were provided by Ian Spencer.

Below is a picture of Jeff Cordery, probably on long night duty!

This looks like the view from the test desk area towards the doors of the MRC apparatus room. If I recall correctly this doorway was modified to form an airlock and a viewing window was installed where the posters are.

Below is a view of the MRC switching equipment from the door to the test desk area. It must be an early picture because the area at the far end was intended to be for the extension to the centre and later became occupied by the Revision Computer.

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